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Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Promotional Eco Products send a great message to all consumers about water saving, power saving, recycling and about taking better care of our Country. Vivid Promotional Products Australia has a unique range of Environmentally Friendly Products that are made from natural materials or use a natural power source to function. Printed Eco Note Pads, Branded Eco Bags, Customized Gardening and Earth Care Products and Personalized Eco Mugs are just a few great merchandise items within our Eco Range. Custom Print your company logo or corporate message on an Eco Friendly Promotional Product to promote your brand in style.

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Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Australian Native Body Lotion

Australian Native Body Lotion
Product Code: PRTAN101L-s

This Australian Native Body Care Lotion is a fantastic low cost and Eco Friendly Promotional Product. Presented in recycled PET Packaging, these travel sized lotions are great in their own right or as part of a gift pack. These Luxurious Eco Lotions come in Quandong Plum and Desert Lime scents to give your clients a gender- free citrus smelling body lotion.

One Colour Print

Qty Price
150 $1.86
250 $1.67
500 $1.55
1000 $1.34
Setup $80.00

PET Recycled Pen

PET Recycled Pen
Product Code: MCEC070

Printed Cheap Eco Stationery Pen Items are a handy everyday must have office products. Eco Friendly Pens are a great way to show you care about our country- these Recycled PET Promotional Pens are supplied with black ink and are a retractable ballpoint style Pen. Custom Print your Eco message on one of our Recycled Material Pens today.

1-2 Colour Print

Qty Price
100 $0.91
250 $0.43
500 $0.33
1000 $0.26
Setup $65.00

Eco Friendly Urban Sling Bag

Vivid Promotions has a great range Eco Friendly Products and one of our most popular is the Recycled Material Deluxe Urban Sling Bag. This Promotional Eco Bag has a main zippered compartment, open front flap pocket, 4 pen loops under flap and an adjustable velcro sling strap for comfort and style. Presented in black with a natural green stripe, this stylish Eco Bag with Print is sure to turn heads.

Natural Lip Balm Pots -10g

New to our range are these compact Natural Lip Balm Large Pots. Made with all natural ingredients- paraben free, preservative free and free from artificial colours, they are the perfect Natural Eco Lip Balm for your next event. Display your logo with a full colour label and choose from 10 mouthwatering flavours such as lime, peppermint, nutmeg, grapefruit and more.

Promotional Recycled Clips

Paperclips don't always have to be boring! Check out our Eco Friendly Coloured Paper Clips- these funky Eco Paperclips are made from PLA Corn materials and come in a pack of 3. Print your logo on these low cost recycled Paper Clip merchandise items that are used on a daily basis. Presented in Green, Yellow and Red, Vivid Promotions' Custom Paperclips are a great mail-out item and are perfect for trade shows.

Eco Friendly Sun Visor

Promote your Eco message with Vivid Promotions' Custom Printed Sun Visors! Made from 256gsm Artboard, this Environmentally friendly Visor Cap can be printed with your full colour design at a low price. Perfect for sports days, low cost giveaways, brand launches and summer promotions, the artboard Sun Visor will create lasting memories of your brand.

Branded Eco Friendly Lanyards

Custom Branded Eco Friendly Lanyards are well recognized Promotional Products that are sure to enhance your brand. These 16mm Shoe String Eco Lanyards are made from a tubular polyester material that is ironed flat. Choose from a wide range of colours and clips to produce the perfect promotional product for your campaign. Lanyards are great to keep on your key chain, house keys, clip on your mobile phone and much more.

Printed Nature Notepad

Choose a handy office accessory that is also Eco Friendly and show your interest in keeping Australia beautiful. This Nature Notepad is made from recycled paper and comes with a unique Eco writer Pen. Great for notes, memos or to keep in your bag, Vivid Promotions' Eco Note Pad with Print is a great merchandise item for all ages and won't break your budget.

Sleeved Eco Pots

For an eco friendly solution to your next promotional campaign, consider our custom printed Sleeved Eco Pots. Vivid Promotion's Sleeved Eco Pots are available with a full colour digital print sleeve and can have an additional pad print on the actual pot for maximum brand awareness. Each pack comes with your choice of seeds and are packaged environmentally friendly decomposable pot.

Nature Writer

There is no need to compromise on quality with Vivid Promotion's range of environmentally friendly and stylish Eco Pens! Vivid Promotion's Nature Writer is made from quality bamboo and is both practical and environmentally friendly. Put your business in a positive light with an eco friendly promotional gift while still choosing a popular promotional product by investing in a biodegradable promotional pen.

Promotional Eco Products Blog

Do your bit for the Environment by using Printed Eco Notepads!


Purchasing an Eco Friendly Promotional Product shows that you and your business care about the environment and want to make a difference. Promotional Eco Notepads are merchandise items that can be used every day, gaining your brand great exposure.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"]Recycled Eco Notepad Tradie Recycled Notepad With Pen[/caption]

Branded Eco Notepads can be kept on your office desk, at home, in the car or in your bag for note-taking wherever you are! Promotional Eco Notebooks come in various sizes and styles including spiral bound Eco Notepads, Eco Notepads and Pen Sets, Chipboard Eco Notebooks, Recycled Cardboard Notebooks and Recycled Note Sets.

All of these fantastic environmentally friendly Eco Notepads can be

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="207"]Biodegradable Plastic Eco Notepad BioGreen Banyan Notepad[/caption]

custom printed with your Eco message, company logo or business details. Hand out at trade shows, work events, corporate meetings, as a gift with purchase or as a low cost giveaway or fundraiser.

Our Custom Printed Eco Notepads include recycled paper pages that are lined for your convenience and come with options of 60

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="139"]Recycled Spiral A6 Notebook A6 Eco Notepad[/caption]

pages, 70 pages and 100 pages. Vivid Promotions’ Promotional Eco Notepads come in various sizes including A5 and A6 and also Pocket Size which is very practical for tradies!

If you’re looking for a standout note book that is Eco Friendly then take a look at our Eco Notepads with coloured detailing to match your logo. Custom Printed Eco Notepads and Eco Pen Sets are a great all in 1 product to give to clients for meetings and conferences as they can use them right then and there and will appreciate such a handy product!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200"]Eco Notepad with Chipboard Cover BIC Ecolutions Chipboard Cover Notebook[/caption]

Do your bit for the environment at your next event and opt for an Eco Friendly Notepad today.

Biodegradable promotional products are the way of the future!


Biodegradable promotional products are now becoming the it merchandise item for all sorts of companies.  As the world starts to run out of area to dispose of garbage, companies are having to think of ways to reduce their final impact of the earth and Biodegradable products are the way to go!

Vivid Promotions has a extremely large range of eco friendly promotional products that can be custom printed for nearly all industries and uses.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="162"]Biodegradable Plastic Notebook with Pen BioGreen Banyan Notepad[/caption]

Conferences and trade shows are a constant source of handing our promotional products.  Why not promote your company next trade show with a Biodegradable Corn Lanyard with your corporate brand printed all over it.   Why not hand out the printed BioGreen Banyan Notepad with sturdy plastic cover and matching pen for your clients to take notes about your company in!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="136"]Biodegradable Latex Balloons Custom Printed 30cm Balloons[/caption]

Custom printed balloons are a great idea for promoting your company, school, public event, radio station, outdoor event or product special.  Vivid Promotions' large range of balloons come in many different corporate colours and are all made from 100% natural and biodegradable latex.



[caption id="" align="alignright" width="181"]Biodegradable Plastic Step Counter BioGreen Economiser Pedometer[/caption]

Lead the way in environmentally friendly fitness with biodegradable Pedometers and drink bottles.  The custom branded BioGreen Economiser Pedometer is a great little pedometer with cover lid that counts every step taken.

Contact Vivid Promotions now to discuss your next biodegradable promotional product.

Top 5 Eco Friendly Products of 2014


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Vivid Promotions Top 5 Eco Products

Over the last 18 months, Eco Friendly promotional products have been making a big impression on the general public.  At the top of the list is the printed Recycled Ruler 30cm!  Made from recycled plastic, available in 4 great corporate colours and ideal for students, office stationary or handing out to the public, it is easy to see why this is such a popular environmentally friendly product.   As part of Vivid Promotions' products that help the environment, we are happy to introduce the custom designed Seed Paper Card Pack.   Select from a large range of die cut shapes, seed paper colours & flower sees to suit every occasion and promotion.  Check out Vivid Promotions' Top 5 Eco Friendly products for your next marketing campaign.


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Eco friendly promotional products are a great way for your business to gain a 'green' edge over the competition. If you are an environmentally conscious company and want to show it off, utilizing eco friendly promotional products and green merchandise is a great way to do this. By opting to purchase environmentally friendly promotional products, your company will be doing it's bit for the environment, and every little contribution helps. For example, purchasing recycled promotional products will help to reduce the use of natural resources and raw materials needed to produce them, it will also reduce the amount of waste going into landfills as well as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. There are so many positive reasons to consider purchasing environmentally friendly promotional products for your next giveaway. 

One of most popular green products are our eco bags & totes, like non woven tote bags and calico bags, all of which provide a cost effective giveaway that is perfect for trade shows and events and especially suited to the retail environment. Environmentally friendly pens made from materials like recycled cardboard, corn starch and even bamboo are also extremely popular and at a price range that will appeal to most business. If you are looking for an eco friendly promotional product that is both practical and affordable, recycled paper products are pretty hard to beat. 

Bamboo is a another great eco friendly material that is increasing in popularity and is being used for a wide range of products, including bamboo caps and bamboo pens. Bamboo is so useful because it is a fast growing crop that reaches maturity within four years and as such is considered a good renewal resource. It also reshoots from existing root systems meaning it even renews itself with ease. Harvesting bamboo also requires a lot less energy than other crops, making it a real super crop and a great material for promotional merchandise. 

The list of options available that are environmentally friendly is always increasing and this area is growing in popularity at such as fast rate. If you want your business to get involved and be recognized as an environmentally conscious company contact one of our sales staff today to discuss what options we have available that will suit your time, budget and occasion.